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Friendships are bound to happen

ORI's ownership ranges from pre-retirees in their early fifties to active seniors well into their 80's. Our owners come from the west coast, Rocky Mountains, midwestern states, and 15% from Canada. Residents and seasonal renters start to pull onto lots in early November and depart around mid-April. While many of ORI's owners have primary homes, there is a growing number of full-time couples who travel to cooler climates in the summer.

While there are both short-term and seasonal renters during the winter months, the majority of residents are owners. However, unlike many second-home resort communities that can be socially insular, ORI has a strong culture of welcoming everyone. A good way of looking at this is thinking of overlapping social circles.

It starts with simply getting to know your neighbors on your street. Impromptu cocktail or sports watching parties happen throughout the resort, throughout the week. Of course there are strong communities built around pickleball and golf, but there are also many other interest groups for hiking, off-roading, ukulele playing, and various card and domino games. What's great is the lack of pressure to be part of any one "scene." If you're new to the community, you'll find that it's easy to simply drift into new activities and friendships with very little effort. That's the hidden magic of ORI that is hard to fully capture. And it's that sense of community which extends through the off-season as many ORI residents stay in touch via e-mail, visit each others homes, and travel together.
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Where ORI Owners Come From