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Welcome New Owners

Important Information

Welcome to ORI, we are so excited to have you in our community. Below are a few important items that you should know. This isn't a comprehensive list, so if you have questions, please feel free to call us or stop by the onsite office.
Onsite Office

Outdoor Resort Indio Owners Association has an onsite office opened Monday-Friday 8am - 4pm. Office phone number is 760-775-7255. Your account number should be established in the next 4 to 5 weeks after close of escrow. Please call us when referencing payments or if you have account questions. All forms in your new owners packet, please mail directly to us to the address below or scan to Marisol at or Mariah at 

Outdoor Resort Indio
Attn: Marisol/Mariah
80394 Ave 48
Indio, CA 92201

Frontsteps: Resident Communication Portal

Accessing Your Community Portal:
ORI uses FrontSteps as our community communication platform. This is how a resident can access their community's portal: Accept the invitation from Fronsteps to register and establish your password. Please check your junk or spam folder for the invite. Once you are registered log in to: Besides all HOA communication, this website also contains important documents like governing docs, minutes financials etc.

Owners Lounge Card

Owners who purchase their lot through our onsite sales office will receive their first owners lounge card free. For all private sales, the previous owner is obligated to pass on their owner's lounge card to the new owner at the close of Escrow. The cost for a replacement lounge card is $25 and can be purchased at the Association Office.

Electrical Service

Electric service needs to be transferred into your name. Imperial Irrigation District will set up your new service and cancel the old. IID phone number
1-800-303-7756. Power to the lot should always be on even during the summer months. There should always be power to the front pedestal.


Wi-Fi and TV Stream is included in your HOA dues. You will pick up Wi-Fi equipment from Spectrum Office at,
79-785 CA-111 Suite E103, La Quinta, CA 92253 or call Spectrum Bulk Account Services


A portion of your Assessments is for common area coverage. The coverage provided by the Association does not include coverage for your lot or for your personal liability protection. This is your responsibility and you should have your insurance agent or broker arrange for appropriate coverage.


Only lot owners can purchase a transponder for $20.00. Family and guest(s) can be given a daily guest pass by calling security at 760-347-9953

Activities Coordinator

The Activities Coordinators Office is located at the onsite office. ORI is a very active adult community. From Golf to Cart Parades we have it all. The calendar is posted on Frontsteps and the mailroom. If you have any questions as to what is going on or to sign up, please contact the office at 760-775-7255.


Outdoor Resort has an Architectural Committee to assure continuity and design in order to preserve and continue to improve the appearance of our community. Architectural changes to your lot, will need to be submitted to the Outdoor Resort Indio's Architectural Committee. Forms are in the office or online on Fronsteps. Please contact the office at 760-775-7255.


Mailboxes are located onsite office building. USPS picks up outgoing mail and incoming mail is up and is usually sorted by 1:00pm Monday – Saturday depending on the time USPS delivers mail. Adding your lot number makes sorting
mail trouble-free.

FedEx, UPS & Amazon Prime deliver directly to your lot so please add your lot number.


All trash and recycling shall be put into secure disposable bags and placed adjacent to the curb at the lot owner's property for pickup. Trash pickup is once a day Monday-Saturday at 9am. Your gardener is responsible to dispose of all your landscape trimmings.

No trash container is allowed. Trash may not be left out overnight.

Important Policies

Lot Maintenance and Landscape

Whether in residence or absent, it is always the Owner's responsibility to have their lot maintained to ORI landscape standards found in the Rules & Regs. At any time, should the appearance of a lot detract from the overall superior appearance of the community because of overgrown plants, untrimmed hedges and trees, dirty vehicles, use of silver or blue tarps are not permitted. Torn, tattered or flapping covers or any other condition, Management will notify the Owner in writing of needed corrective action. The Owner will be given a specified time frame in which to take corrective action or come to an agreement with Management on a plan of action. Please refer to the current governing documents for compliance & enforcement information.

Friendly annual reminder: Flowers at pedestals be planted by December 1st of each year. Trees to trimmed annually


CC&R Article VI, Section 4 provides basic rules for pets.
The following are additional rules.
1. A maximum of two pets (of any one species or combination of species) are allowed per lot.
2. Pets must be kept on a leash or appropriately tied on an Owner or guest's lot at all times when outside of the Motorcoach Vehicle. Pets must not be allowed to leave their lot without being on a leash controlled by a person.

3. Pets are not to be left unattended when outside of the Motorcoach Vehicle.

4. Pets are only allowed in designated pet areas that include the pet owner's lot. Pets are prohibited from being in the Clubhouse, all common areas within the Clubhouse block, Owners Lounge, Fitness Center, pool & spa areas, tennis and Pickleball courts, the golf course, the common areas surrounding the golf course, common area grass and flowers, and all of the other Association's buildings. Due to health regulations, pets are strictly prohibited from being in or near the cafe and cafe eating areas.

5. There are a number of designated pet relief areas located around the inside perimeter of the Resort. The Resort attempts to keep the pet relief areas appropriately supplied with baggies for clean-up, however, in the absence of Resort supplied baggies, pet owners are still required to immediately clean up after their pet.

6. When pets are being taken to the pet relief areas, owners shall not allow their pets to urinate or defecate on any lot or common area along the way. Should the pet have an accident, owners must immediately clean up after their pet.

We are looking forward to assisting you in the enjoyment of your new property at Outdoor Resort Indio. If we may be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Association Office.

Thank You
Outdoor Resort Indio Owners Association