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The vast majority of ORI's lots are rectangular and, on average, are 35' wide by 70' deep. Location and improvements affect both rental rates and individual sales. 320 lots are adjacent to the resort's golf course and 99 are on the perimeter. All lots have 100 amp service, water and sewer connections, and cable TV hookups (both for TV and cable modems).

Lots can accommodate the largest sized (45') rigs with plenty of living area when slide outs are extended. Many lots are separated by thick and lush hedges which offer a high degree of privacy. All lots have room for parking one car and a golf cart. Lots in the northwest quadrant are slightly wider and generally can hold two parked cars.

In the last several years the resort's HOA greatly expanded improvement options by allowing an increase in developable square footage and the construction of fully enclosed casitas. As you tour the resort you will see more and more owners significantly improving their lots, not only enhancing their outdoor living experience, but also adding value to their property.

Working with local architects and construction companies, you can greatly expand your seasonal living experience whether you simply want to cocoon or enjoy dinner parties with friends. Both casitas and pergolas can have electric sun and wind screens, electric heaters and ceiling fans, along with full kitchens with a dishwasher, oven, cooktop, refrigerator, and icemaker. Outdoor entertainment centers can include propane fireplaces and fully enclosed and secure cabinets for large screen TVs. And casitas now allow the addition of a bathroom and fully glassed-in patio walls.

The Triple Crown

Nowhere else in North America will you find the country's three top motorhome-exclusive resort properties catering to active seniors within the space of a mile.

While we think ORI offers the best value and most amenities of our neighbors, together our three communities represent the highest concentration of luxury RV properties in the country.

Each one of these communities are different in character and, over the years, owners have often moved from one to the other (and back) depending on their lifestyle interests.

Our wider neighborhood can also add a richness to your life as many of our owners have friends in these neighboring resorts and there are numerous informal get-togethers and events such as the annual Ryder Cup golf tournament between ORI and MCC teams.

ORI: The active community.
The first of the the triple crown resorts to be built, ORI has the most lots and the smallest average lot size. It is the only resort with 18 golf holes and the only one with pickleball courts. The smaller lot sizes encourage a high degree of friendly neighbor interaction and seasonal activity. In the past several years there's been an increasing trend of owners upgrading lots with full outdoor kitchens and entertainment centers and fully enclosed casitas.

Motorcoach Country Club: The traditional club. While MCC only has a 9-hole course, it's signature feature is the large lake and canal system that arcs though the heart of the resort. Lots are larger and can accommodate bigger casitas and on-lot features such as outside hot tubs. The clubhouse features a traditional dining room with full menu service. With more acreage and less density, MCC feels more reserved and quiet compared to ORI.

Desert Shores: The private enclave. Large lots, that can support casitas that are as large as 1,200 square feet, give Desert Shores a more premium gated community feel. The focus is less on outdoor recreational amenities and more on individual residential comfort. It's a community with more emphasis on intimate patio entertaining for friends and family rather than the higher level of social engagement at either ORI and MCC.

(Photo right:  A casita interior at ORI)